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Meet Our Team

Meet the skilled and compassionate team at Atlas Pet Vets Frisco, dedicated to providing the best care for your beloved pets.
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Two Hearts,
One Dream:

A Union of Love and Veterinary Passion

Meet the exceptional team of Atlas Pet Vets in Frisco, Texas, brought together by the visionary founders Dr. Lauren Anthony and Dr. Daniel Anthony. Their commitment to veterinary medicine and dream of a family-owned practice paved the way for compassionate care and excellence.

Our Veterinarians

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Dr. Lauren Anthony

Dr. Lauren is an experienced veterinarian in both general practice and emergency settings. She possesses keen soft tissue surgery skills with a special interest in surgical oncology, internal medicine, and cardiology. She routinely performs advanced procedures not offered by other regional general practices, including echocardiograms for patients with heart disease and corrective surgery for brachycephalic patients, such as French Bulldogs, to improve their breathing. Dr. Lauren is a Fear-Free Certified Veterinarian, completing advanced training and education focused on creating a positive experience for pets to minimize fear, anxiety, and stress during veterinary visits.

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Dr. Daniel Anthony

Dr. Daniel Anthony refined his skills as a veterinarian working at a large Dallas metroplex general practice and a veterinary emergency hospital before co-founding Atlas Pet Vets with his wife, Dr. Lauren Anthony. His special interests include orthopedic surgery, internal medicine, and preventative care. Dr. Daniel is also a Fear-Free Certified Veterinarian. He holds a special passion for helping animals with orthopedic injuries reclaim their ability to run and play.