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Veterinary Services

At Atlas Pet Vets, we provide comprehensive veterinary care including therapeutic treatments, diagnostics, surgeries, and preventative medicine to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Our Comprehensive
Pet Care Services

Welcome to Atlas Pet Vets, where we offer a wide range of services dedicated to the health and happiness of your beloved companions. From advanced surgical procedures to specialized treatments, diagnostics, and more, our team is committed to providing comprehensive care that addresses all aspects of your pet’s well-being. Discover our services to ensure your pets receive the highest quality care they deserve.

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Veterinary Services

Wellness Exams
At Atlas Pet Vets, we are not just another veterinary clinic. We are a family-owned practice dedicated to helping every animal live their best life as a beloved member of the family. Through wellness exams, our experienced doctors can detect early health concerns and prevent a range of contagious and potentially life-threatening diseases. With a focus on proactive health management, we tailor individualized vaccine recommendations based on your pet’s age and lifestyle, ensuring that each animal builds strong immunity against diseases such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and more. Our comprehensive services also include parasite prevention, microchipping, and nutritional management. We empower pet owners to ensure their beloved companions have a disease-resistant and parasite-free future, promoting vibrant pet health within the community.
Sick & Urgent Care

In the heart of Frisco, Texas, Atlas Pet Vets serves as a trustworthy source of help and healing for pets in need. With an unwavering sense of responsibility, our skilled team is equipped to handle the unexpected, providing timely care that makes a vital difference in your pet’s well-being. We are dedicated to serving pet owners with kindness and understanding, while minimizing stress and anxiety for every animal.

Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Underwater treadmill therapy is not just a treatment – it’s a revolution. By combining the soothing properties of water with cutting-edge technology, our veterinary team redefines how pets recover from injuries, build strength after surgeries, increase mobility, and achieve weight loss goals. Our Frisco, Texas facility has a state-of-the-art underwater treadmill that enables pets to exercise in a buoyant, low-impact environment. Water resistance enhances muscle strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance, making each session a refreshing experience for each patient.

Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

Atlas Pet Vets takes a comprehensive approach to veterinary care, offering a range of services including advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. One of these procedures, the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO), is utilized to address tears of the ACL, known as the CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) in dogs. This advanced surgical technique involves restructuring the tibia to stabilize the knee joint and prevent further damage, ensuring improved mobility and comfort for the pet. Additionally, Atlas Pet Vets provides extracapsular ACL (CCL) repairs, Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), and bone fracture repairs, each tailored to individual needs and aimed at restoring musculoskeletal function. Our veterinarians also perform 30+ types of soft tissue surgeries such as tumor removals, gastrotomy/enterotomy to remove foreign objects, urinary bladder stone removal, splenectomy, and prophylactic gastropexy. For patients requiring a more intensive level of specialized surgical care, our veterinarians work closely with local board-certified veterinary surgical specialists to facilitate seamless referrals as needed.

Puppy & Kitten Care
Atlas Pet Vets extends a warm welcome to the newest members of the pet family through our dedicated puppy and kitten care services. Understanding the unique needs of young animals during these formative stages, our experienced veterinary team provides comprehensive care that encompasses vaccinations, nutritional guidance, behavior advice, and developmental assessments. With a nurturing approach, Atlas Pet Vets ensures that each puppy and kitten receives the foundational support required for a healthy and vibrant start in life. By offering tailored guidance to pet owners, we set the stage for a lifelong journey of well-being, happiness, and strong human-animal bonds.
Spay & Neuter

Atlas Pet Vets demonstrates our commitment to responsible pet ownership through our all-inclusive spay and neuter services. These procedures offer numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and behavioral issues. While surgical procedures may sound intimidating, we strive to provide a calming and pain-free environment for all our patients, ensuring their comfort throughout the entire process.

Class IV Laser Therapy
We offer class IV laser therapy which is a veterinary treatment that utilizes high-power laser technology to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing in animals. It involves delivering therapeutic light energy to targeted areas of the pet’s body, providing non-invasive, drug-free relief for conditions such as arthritis, musculoskeletal injuries, and post-operative recovery. This treatment option is well-tolerated by pets and can complement traditional veterinary care, offering quick sessions and potential for significant therapeutic benefits.
Atlas Pet Vets recognizes the integral role of oral health in the overall well-being of animals, exemplified through our comprehensive dentistry services. Our skilled veterinary team offers thorough dental examinations, cleanings, and treatments tailored to each pet’s individual needs. We are committed to helping your pet maintain healthy teeth and gums, directly contributing to the improvement of their overall health and longevity.
The veterinarians at Atlas Pet Vets extend their expertise to encompass comprehensive dermatology services. Acknowledging the vital role skin health plays in an animal’s overall comfort and quality of life, our veterinarians are experienced in diagnosing and treating a diverse range of skin conditions. From allergies and infections to autoimmune conditions and hair loss, we utilize a meticulous approach that includes personalized diagnostics and treatment plans. With a keen understanding of the profound impact skin and ear health has on an animal’s happiness, we maintain our commitment to fostering the utmost care and comfort for every pet.
With a passion for the intricacies of cardiac function in pets, our veterinarians employ cutting-edge cardiac diagnostic technologies, including echocardiograms and electrocardiograms, to accurately assess, diagnose, and develop personalized treatment plans for common cardiovascular conditions such as Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. For patients requiring a more intensive level of specialized cardiac care, our veterinarians work closely with local board-certified veterinary cardiology specialists to facilitate seamless referrals as needed.
Internal Medicine
Our skilled veterinarians manage a variety of internal medical conditions affecting pets, ranging from intricate organ disorders to systemic ailments. Through meticulous diagnostic assessments and strategic medical workups, they excel in accurately diagnosing and effectively managing a wide array of internal health issues such as kidney disease, thyroid disease, diabetes, liver and gall bladder disease, pancreatitis, and hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing’s disease). Our commitment to comprehensive care allows families to navigate the health challenges of their pets with unwavering support from a team of professionals who prioritize both the physical and emotional well-being of their beloved companions.
Diagnostics, X-Rays & Ultrasounds
Atlas Pet Vets offers top-tier in-house diagnostics, including comprehensive bloodwork, urinalysis, cytology, electrocardiograms (ECGs), blood pressure analysis, and ophthalmology-related testing. We also offer advanced imaging services such as echocardiograms, abdominal ultrasounds, digital x-rays, and barium contrast studies. Our experienced veterinarians employ these cutting-edge techniques to gain invaluable insights into your pet’s health, enabling precise and comprehensive diagnoses for a wide range of conditions.
End-of-Life Care
Our team at Atlas Pet Vets is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for animals throughout every stage of their lives, including the delicate end-of-life phase. With a deep understanding of the emotional bond between pets and their owners, we offer compassionate end-of-life care services that prioritize the comfort and dignity of animals in their final moments. Our experienced veterinary team approaches this challenging time with sensitivity, ensuring pain management, personalized attention, and a peaceful environment for both pets and their families. Whether it is facilitating pain relief, hospice care, or euthanasia, we dedicate ourselves to helping families navigate this difficult journey with empathy and support.
Exotic Animal Medicine
We understand that pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Our experienced veterinarians are here to provide comprehensive care and compassionate treatment tailored to the unique needs of exotic pets. From routine check-ups to urgent care and surgeries, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of every member of your family.