Family-Owned and Operated

About Atlas Pet Vets

Your trusted source for advanced veterinary care in Frisco, Texas, offering a range of services for your pet’s well-being.


Atlas Pet Vets is a family-owned veterinary practice located in Frisco, Texas. Founded by Dr. Lauren Anthony and Dr. Daniel Anthony, Atlas Pet Vets is the culmination of their devotion to veterinary medicine and the fulfillment of a dream to establish their own family business.

We serve our community with comprehensive veterinary services, including preventative care, urgent medical care, 30+ types of surgeries, diagnostic testing and treatment for a variety of conditions, and innovative rehabilitation with an underwater treadmill. By incorporating the latest technology and research, we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Veterinary doctor examines puppy dog.
Cat and dog sitting together

Our Mission

At Atlas Pet Vets, we aim to revolutionize veterinary medicine by providing exceptional medical care and compassionate service in a modern, transparent, family-owned practice. We are dedicated to building a community where pets and their owners feel valued, respected, and heard and where our team is inspired and empowered to make a positive impact every day.

Core Values


Our unwavering passion for the achievement of medical excellence and meticulous attention to detail empowers us to deliver top-tier veterinary care.


We are called to serve every patient and pet owner with empathy, gratitude, and respect. We strive to uplift those around us, including fellow team members continually.


As a family-owned practice, we thrive on forming genuine relationships with our clients and building a meaningful community through effective teamwork.


We cultivate a culture of trust based on clear and open communication, honesty, and collaboration with pet owners.


We encourage curiosity as a foundation for lifelong learning and innovation. Our team members are constantly strengthened by opportunities to grow personally and professionally.


We achieve balance when we allow our dedication to serving patients and clients to coexist harmoniously with the personal well-being of our team members.

Lauren Daniel Wedding

Our Namesake

Atlas Pet Vets derived its name from a significant moment in the lives of its founders, Dr. Lauren Anthony and Dr. Daniel Anthony. During their wedding ceremony at a beautiful outdoor setting in Dripping Springs, Texas, Dr. Lauren made an unforgettable entrance by riding down the aisle on their white horse, Atlas. Dr. Lauren and Dr. Daniel paid tribute to this cherished memory and their beloved horse by naming their veterinary hospital “Atlas Pet Vets.” The name serves as a symbol of their love, shared vision, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care for the animals of their community.