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Standard Diagnostic Procedures

At Atlas Pet Vets, Frisco, TX, access vital diagnostics & standard services
for your pet’s complete care journey.

Blood test of cat done by Vet

Comprehensive Diagnostic Excellence

At Atlas Pet Vets, we’ve made it our mission to redefine pet care. Our focus lies in comprehensive standard diagnostic procedures, the cornerstone of our commitment to your pet’s well-being. From in-depth blood work to specialized tests, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring your pet’s health is in the best possible hands. This passion for meticulous care extends beyond clinical expertise – a reflection of our love for all animals. With Atlas Pet Vets, you’re not just visiting a clinic; you’re joining a community that values the health and happiness of your pets as much as you do.

Advanced Diagnostic Procedures

Our veterinary clinic proudly offers a range of comprehensive standard diagnostic procedures tailored to uncover insights that help us provide precise care for your pet. We believe a thorough understanding of your pet’s health is essential. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Blood Work: Through in-depth blood analysis, we gain insights into your pet’s internal health, detecting potential issues early on.
  • Urinalysis: This essential test allows us to monitor kidney function, urinary tract health, and overall hydration levels.
  • Heartworm Screening Tests (4DX SNAP with Tick-Borne Disease Panel): Early detection of heartworm and tick-borne diseases is crucial for timely intervention and prevention.
  • FIV/FeLV Screening Tests: By testing for these feline viruses, we can ensure the health of our feline patients and provide necessary guidance.
  • Fecal Centrifugation and Floatation: Detecting intestinal parasites helps us create effective treatment plans that address your pet’s specific needs.
  • Ear and Skin Cytology: These tests provide insights into dermatological and ear issues, guiding us in delivering tailored solutions.
  • Impression Smear: Useful for diagnosing certain skin conditions, this procedure aids in providing targeted treatment.
  • Cystocentesis: A diagnostic tool for assessing urinary tract health, aiding in the early detection of issues.
  • Skin Biopsy: This procedure helps diagnose skin tumors, infections, and other dermatological concerns.
  • Tonometry: By measuring eye pressure, we can detect glaucoma and provide timely treatment.
  • Schirmer Tear Test: Evaluating tear production aids in diagnosing dry eye conditions.
  • Eye Fluorescein Stain: This test helps diagnose corneal ulcers and other eye abnormalities.
  • Referral Lab Services for Specialized Testing: When necessary, we collaborate with specialized labs for complex diagnostic needs.

Benefits for Your Beloved Pet

  • Early Detection: Our comprehensive procedures allow us to catch health issues at their earliest stages, increasing the chances of successful treatment.
  • Tailored Care: By understanding your pet’s unique needs, we provide personalized care that promotes their overall well-being.
  • Peace of Mind: With our advanced diagnostics, you’ll have the confidence that your pet is receiving the best care possible.